the archive
of what has come before

~ dust on the pixels
~ only thing I'm immune to is intelligence apparently
~ vertigo
~ inspiration.
~ change of address
~ number
~ o hai twenty ten
~ Does anyone really mean it when they say they want to stay friends?
~ things fall apart
~ scaredexcited
~ two weeks
~ quiet with no one to talk to
~ surprised but not nervous
~ check the date
~ t minus nineteen
~ for god's sake can't you speak plainly once?
~ too many similies like something else meaning an over abundance
~ 97 and counting...
~ Surprises (immune to poison damage)
~ Mortimer Landsdown
~ my arms are wrapped around my pillow.
~ cacophony
~ they live underground in old mining tunnels
~ tear us apart/keep us together
~ the same isn't the same, it's better.
~ ohh...
~ all my words...
~ targets
~ something, somethings, some thing
~ today
~ pokes and whispers and role reversals
~ afraid to fall
~ good things
~ the lines are drawn, you have the eraser (you decide what "this" is)
~ attempting to negatively impact my tendency for circumlocution
~ Things are weird.
~ sixty one days
~ over and out
~ signs
~ f
~ tag
~ more details
~ -
~ space
~ the gardener
~ another unsent letter
~ twelve minutes
~ what's funny is that "just fine" really means "passable"
~ /wave
~ suggestions?
~ but we'll see...
~ ask and ye shall receive (the joke that isn't funny)
~ "let herself belong"
~ repost? or maybe a 'best of'?
~ repost? or maybe a 'best of'?
~ favourites {please don't give me pity}
~ took me too long to notice {Just because you love love doesn't make you any good at it.)
~ and these goddamn words in my mouth taste like ashes
~ "maybe you should just release the doves"
~ plus there were reggae radiohead covers on repeat all day
~ the battle or the war?
~ you've been claiming you have something to say for so long that no one believes you any more (especially you)
~ there is a bird in my chest, fragile but strong, flapping against my rib cage and my heart
~ no segues whatsoever {this entry was a bad idea. several of them.}
~ three entries in one month?
~ a desperate person will clutch at some weak-ass straw
~ the sixteenth {or "N is for Neville who died of ennui"}
~ over the ha-ha and into the trenches
~ for friend or for love, a bad bet
~ noble bullshit
~ words
~ "all these finer feelings have left me"
~ just like old friends
~ yes.
~ he doesn't believe in knocking, apparently
~ one in the same
~ "keep your word, disguise the vision till the time has come"
~ despair, dragon, and fly
~ down the road, not across the street
~ words
~ boys you know by numbers and boys you know by letters and boys you know by heart (he doesn't know i'm talking about him)
~ this is a love poem
~ thinking of a lovely person in a lovely life {for Amz, wherever she may be}
~ How do you not take it personally?
~ one wonders, the end of what?
~ "skating around the truth"
~ plus you get to avoid movies claiming to be "feel good comedies" just on principle
~ Finally... (Thank you, Morpheus.)
~ drive away
~ doubleyouteaeff
~ a long fucking weekend
~ nameless
~ yay.
~ nothing is forever
~ water {or "jesus, not more of the same"}
~ i *heart* the weekend
~ distance
~ salt, street, sea, and star
~ our enemies/our selves
~ "I was meant for the stage"
~ .
~ "and I don't know what else to say"
~ and just drive away
~ blank might actually be the word
~ a slow eclipse
~ pork aviation
~ thefictions
~ something new every month {not what you think and not about you}
~ buzzing
~ "helps build strong bones"
~ one hundred and one
~ stage beauty
~ another white dash
~ picaresque {more later, upon return of semi-coherency}
~ sleepin' peace when day is done, that's what I mean
~ you say it's your birthday
~ spinning away {or, the silences that wake you up at night}
~ "I'll see you on Monday."
~ now with pictures
~ you've been given all the pieces
~ three-oh
~ horoscope
~ last night's activities
~ falling out of love at this speed could be dangerous
~ February 14th
~ and you would not write me again
~ wishlists
~ out of context
~ winning a battle, losing the war
~ random information:
~ Not yet.
~ -
~ I can't tell you just how true it is
~ I'm funnier in person, not that it would take a lot.
~ it all makes sense on this side of the box
~ filling every spare moment with books, my valentine is the published word
~ an open letter to anyone who cares
~ -
~ update
~ ever so very...
~ since it wasn't obvious enough, apparently